Tobias even got cropped out of the cast photo

Animorphs was a successful series of young adult books written by K.A. Applegate between June 1996 and May 2001. It focuses on five humans granted the ability to morph into animals in order to fight a secret invasion of parasitic mind-controlling slugs. Despite the fantastic premise, the series is surprisingly deep, with the idea of extreme situations and what they force people to do being a major theme throughout.

The TV adaptation however, doesn't come close. Featuring five characters with not much in common with the book cast save their names, the TV show reduces the Animorphs to a high school soap; no really, half the entire second season was spent on a school dance arc. A low budget and executives terrified to touch the notion of killing in a series about guerilla warfare doomed the show from the start.

We watched all 26 episodes of this shitter.

Notable MomentsEdit

  • The opening theme song, which you are required by W♠BM law to sing along with.
  • Visser Three getting hit in the face with a water balloon full of oatmeal.
  • Marco declaring that the spaceship landing next to them is "not from around his hood".

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