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Alas, poor Donut! I knew him, Sugar Bear.

Hu$tlas is a strange blend of homage and satire for cheesy exploitation flicks, and is as entertaining as it is moronic.

Shaggy 2 Dope plays Sugar Bear, a rapping clown cop from San Fancisco who takes on Violent J's Big Baby Sweets in an all out war against his crime empire and monopolization of all the MUUUUUUUUUH-KNEEEEEEEE in DetroitNew York. Along the way, he faces gangsters, apes, ninjas, and wrestlers.

Additionally, he befirends bumbling police officers, has sex with overweight women, and trains under the guidence of the "ghost" of Dolemite.

Extra notable as the only movie thus far Moronis could not get through before becoming physically sick.


Is it spelled Hu$tlas, Hustla$, or Hu$tla$? Only the clowns know, and they aren't sharing that particular piece of info. Then again, even they might not know.

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