These survivors escaped only through their wise choice to defend themselves with coat hangers.

Formally titled Birdemic: Shock and Terror, this movie the foremost example of the Romantic Thriller genre. In other words, it's a dull romance story with horrible production values stapled to a dull thriller with horrible production values, and a ham-fisted enviromental message sprinkled on top. The script was poorly written, poorly acted and shot, and the footage was then poorly edited.

Birdemic pushes "So bad it's good" to the absolute limit. It is literally painful to experience, due in part to the irritating screech.mp3 that is overlapped no less than four times per second at times, and cannot be enjoyed under any level of irony, masochism, or self-hatred.

Unless you have a group of close friends to watch it with, you're better off just sticking with the trailer .

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