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Not to be confused with its possible sequel, Kick-Ass.

Cyrus, this is your barbecue, and it sure tastes nice.

Ah yes, Con Air. It has a big presence in Homestuck, and is thus one of our favorites. We've seen it three times officially, and once unofficially. Its closing song, How Do I Live, is as important to us as a song can be, and it can often be found dubbed over the final tender moments of any movie with a cheesy romantic subplot.

Notable Moments[]

  • The scene where Cameron Poe asks Billy Bedlam to put the bunny back in the box.
  • The scene where Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom holds the aforementioned bunny hostage.
  • The scene where Cameron finally gives the bunny to his daughter, Casey.


Is Con Air a good movie, or a bad movie? While many will tell you that it is the former, they will often cite its "badness" as the reason. It is often gratuitously over-the-top, and lots of errors are present, but those things make it entertaining as well. It is highly likely that Con Air is simultaneously good and bad, which would actually make it a bad movie because it probably isn't supposed to be that way. You know what? Never mind.

This movie is good because it's bad.

This movie is bad because it's good.

Take that, wheatly.

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