Cool Dog Full Movie

Cool Dog Full Movie

This is the full movie right here. Watch it.

Cool Dog is some kid named Max or something's cool dog. Or maybe Max is Cool Dog's court-ordained useless kid friend? He's so cool that he constantly listens to is own theme song on a personal ipod. He even has headphones because a dog can't wear earbuds. A savvy cool dog that knows his limits, he is.

It's just a dog being cool. That's the movie.Edit

There isn't much resembling a plot. Cool dog just does cool things for the whole movie, like saving kids and pilots who pass out after a "safe landing" that involves a lot of fire.

He beats up a gratuitous animal control officer.Edit

Cool Dog literally puts that joker in the trash. He is then put in a fucking dump truck as people either ignore him or laugh. Including the people putting him in. This is the penalty for defying the cool dog.

Cool dog

Fuck this dog is so COOL.


This man claims what he will do to cool dog isn't going to be pg-13. Who the fuck wrote that line?


-Cool Dog is Alucard spelt backwards

Below is Cool Dog's true form beneath his arcane cool mask. Spoilers!Edit