The Dirt Child's puppet plane attempting to destroy the Freedom Guitar

The Freedom Guitar is a beacon created by our Forefathers. Blessed with the spirits of eagles on high, the Freedom guitar emits sonic beams that prevents alien interaction with the planet Earth. These beams are interlaced with the essence of freedom and rock.

The Destruction of FreedomEdit

The Dirt Child, the leader of an alien cult, wanted to destroy the freedom guitar so that the mothership may land. In order to do this, the Dirt Child created the events of the movie Con Air. Throughout the movie, the Freedom Guitar's signal can be heard. Although the Dirt Child manages to get the plane to crash into the Freedom Guitar, the power of freedom lives on, just like America's spirit. Later, during Independence Day, the aliens fail because of the power of freedom.

God Bless AmericaEdit

We built this country on Plymouth ROCK for a reason.