Ghost Rider is a cautionary tale that warns viewers of the dangers of trusting those who have no interest in helping you, and merely offer the illusion of assistance. It teaches us to appreciate the loved ones we have, and to avoid making promises we can't keep.

At least, that's what it should have done. Instead, we follow an emotionless stunt biker as he chances upon demonic powers, pursues the one girl who ever looked at him, and halfheartedly lights demons on fire.

If you play Contention over the scene where he rides up the side of the building, it totally syncs up. I've done it, like, three times.

Fight Record[edit | edit source]

  • Earth Demon: Victory, through use of fire while in a large mud puddle.
  • Air Demon: Victory, through use of fire while atop a skyscraper in a high wind.
  • Water Demon: Victory, through use of fire while underwater.
  • Son of the Devil: Victory, through use of fire-shotgun and soul-vision, immediately after allowing him to assimilate the power of a thousand tortured souls.

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