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why does the hugo movie have fans with the motor control to draw


You'd be amazed how hard it was to find a picture of this movie when all I can find is this douche and his fucking key.

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No, the movie doesn't use punctuation in its title under any observable circumstances. The title is right.

The second movie is basically designed for shitting all over the premise of the first movie and nothing else. Don't watch that movie. Don't watch these movies. Don't watch movies. This movie was likely the one that killed Rita.

Hugo the TerribleEdit

"On the English dub, Hugo was voiced by Bronson Pinchot, probably best known in the United States for his role as Balki Bartokomous on the sitcom Perfect Strangers." -I have no idea who that is

Hugo is supposed to be irresistibly adorable according to the movie. The character designers thought eldritch-ly cute, one-of-a-kind creature meant "shitty teddy bear" apparently.

Hugo is a selfish asshole who cannot sing, yet he still makes sure to at any concievable point in his existence. He has no redeeming traits. This is why he is the last of the Hugos. They were wiped out for being dicks.

uh wait whatEdit

"In the first film, when Hugo is sleeping on a ship, a calendar above him displays a picture of a naked woman."

"The dub also toned down the original's language and removed some of Izabella's racial remarks about an Indian character." (Bullshit. That character is still unbelievably racist.)

"Also, the music for both films was heavily redone in the English dub, mainly replacing dramatic instrumental or jazz-based music from the original films with more upbeat and friendly melodies." (Well, as long as Hugo sings over them it doesn't really change anything. They'll be mind-numbingly bad either way.)