Special occasions call for special measures.

Possibly the best show of all, Horse Night featured such illustrious films as

  • Nico the Unicorn
  • Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
  • Two Bits and Pepper

as well as the horseracing episode of Manimal.

This is when we learned that horse movies are where magic goes to die. By the end, Fish, Squirrel, and Olivia were so shaken up by the emotional effects of watching three of them in quick succession that they had to resort to giggling like lunatics while adding "Manimal" to the title of every video game imaginable. Have you ever wanted to play Manimal Corssing? You do now.


In order to preserve our sanity, we kept track of major Horse Incedents (Horsidents).

  • Horses Murdered: 2
  • Foals Unleashed: 3
  • Horse Bondage Count: 6
  • Host Peak: 4