Quick! Call Megashark!

Not to be confused with its sequel Tentacolino, its bizarrely inferior ripoff, Titanic: The Legend Goes On.

Legend of the Titanic caught us off guard when it turned out not to be its more popular ripoff. Yes, apparently there's more than one shitty animated Titanic movie, and this was the original. It tells the story of how the Titanic was sold out to a gang of prison sharks by Phil Ken Sebben in order to coerce whaling rights out of the lord of Wales or something. To be fair, this one was actually edited in a way that made some semblance of sense, but any points in its favour are immediately blown away when you realise that this movie actually had potential, and wasted it on a seal-faced octopus with a pituitary problem. There is also some of the quickest romances ever developed on screen, and two very gay mice.It is so much a mockbuster of the 1997 titanic film.

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