Every single one of these characters is Frozone.

A movie only released in french speaking countries, Les Incroyables is a faithful adaption of Ayn Rand's works. (But for kids!)

The Character Assassination of SyndromeEdit

What do you do when you realize your "villain" has a point? Make him steal kids and all that jazz, of course! I'm sure that zero-point energy stuff isn't a more humane way of stopping criminals than punching them through walls.

Superheroes are assholesEdit

That one guy on the roof was so casual in his grim resignation to being apprehended that you probably didn't even need to punch him. Police brutality is a bit more of a serious crime than stealing a purse, I think. Superhero brutality is probably worse than that, too. I like to pretend it goes on a scale based on the superhero's power. Acid spit? 15 years if you so much look at a guy. The ability to melt yourself? They knock off a good 5 years for creativity if you tell an arresting officer with a recording device how you managed to pull that one in the first place.

It's still a good movie but christ does it have some flaws in its execution.Edit