W♠BM has been running since late 2010. This article lists the movies we've watched in order, by show.


Test stream

Ghost Night

Surprise Stream 11/12

Weird Time Shit Night

Wait, there's more than one shitty animated Titanic? Night

Riled West Night

National Treasure Night

Holiday Hate Night


2010 Encore Night

Vampire Night

Surprise Stream 1/12/11

John Movie Marathon

Wait, This is for Kids? Night

Japan Sure is Weird Night

Surprise Stream 2/2


Soft Sci-Fi Night

Hacking is Magic Night

Moral Panic Night

Horse Night

Guest Stream Night (zachyadams)

Human Interaction Does Not Work That Way Night

Classics/April Fools Night

Musicals Night

Surprise Stream 4/11

4/13 Celebration Part One

4/13 Celebration Part Two

Juggalo Night

Dragon Night


Night of One Thousand Puppet Induced Nightmares surprise stream

Broderick Night

The Secret of Animated .Gif Night