This show.


My Werewolves


this show.


Its about a female college student (insert terrible actress who was the lead in a movie whose title had the words Texas and Chainsaw and Murder in it) studying mythology who moves from Los Angeles to London. Within the firt 15 miutes of this show, she gets scratched by a werewolf, and obviously turns into one, possibly has sex with bunnies, and only tells the weird british profsessor of her werewolfism. (which leeds to him having to chain her up and all his parents and cousins being like "oh lets make really bad jukes about ghost sex. or something")

So now she lives with the profeessor and his parents (yeah he's like 35 and still lives with his parents.) and they run into bog people and terrible actors, and werewolves, and more terrible actors, and then this one person who drains your age when they have sex with you and some juggly guys, and people who have different names in different episodes and.... *shivers*

Seriously. Once in a while you think "oh so now it's going to turninto a werewolf porno? Ok." But then it doesn't, and you're like maybe I should stop watching now, but you don't.

i think he walked in on her having sex with rabbits or something