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"Come back! Everyone knows the best way to feel the freedom of the wind is to devour eagles!"

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron or How I learned to stop worrying and eat all the eagles, all of them. Despite the appearance, this is in fact a predominantly CGI film by Dreamworks, which makes sense, as our main character is the very personification (horseonification?) of the Dreamsmirk. Stolen from his herd by the evil humans, Matt Damon Horse must escape the army, run directly up sheer vertical faces, and ride on a train through spontaneously occurring winter in a scene I'm positive only exists because the screenwriter watched a holocaust movie the night before the script was due.

This movie was clearly made for the tween horseaboo crowd, and it shows. The accompanying drinking game which features buzzwords such as wind and freedom is easily fatal.

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