Starsky and hutch

Basically 90 minutes of this.

Indisputable proof that Hollywood has officially run out of ideas, this movie is best compared to an expired individual yogurt: forgotten, unpleasant to look at and unspeakably hairy.

If your idea of hi-larity involves Jerry Stiller's son and What's-his-face McBlondie bickering like a couple on the brink of giving up therapy and the saving grace of your film being Snoop "I Coach Pee Wee Soccer Now!" Dogg as a pimp who surely dresses in total darkness, then go for it, champ!

This movie didn't kill disco, but it violated the corpse.

Notable MomentsEdit

  • The infamous Disco Scene, wherein the movie writes and performs its own homoerotic slash-fiction.
  • The scene where the two lead actors from the original production make an inexplicable cameo, and pass the totally real and coveted Starsky and Hutch Torch off to Bowen Stilson.
  • Against all odds, this movie refrains from making a blatant "Watchoo talkin' bout, Willis?" joke, despite a perfect setup.

    I think they photoshopped chest hair onto this man. You can never really tell, though.

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