Do you hear the dogs, Clarice? They're rapping.

Some characters steal the spotlight of the bad movie they feature in. The Rapping Dog (not to be confused with PaRappa the Rapper or the Poop Dawg), is one such character. His minute-and-a-half rap number early on in Titanic: The Animated Musical is enough to make us wonder what's taking that goddamned iceberg so long. Despite his bizarre sequence and apparent love of fish eye lenses, he is still one of the most likable characters in the whole film, if only for the brief respite he provides from our incredibly bland human protagonists and the godawful music loop that accompanies every scene in which they interact.


Strangely enough, there are in fact two versions of the rap; the most well know version, Party Time, appears in the version W♠BM watched, while an alleged second version from an uncut version of the film can be seen here.