The Roach King in all his splendor.


A movie shown during The Secret of .Gif Night. It spawned the use of the word HUAR! as an explenation of discontent and anger with a movie. It also caused numerous gifs and edits to be made in order to leven the sheer tedium induced by it.


The 'story' revolves around a centipede (who later turns out to be a caterpillar! HUGE SURPRISE) Mulan, a totally original character, who must go to war in order to do stuff and things. After being abducted by a prince who inexplicably turns into Jafar from Alladin without having any logical reason to do so, she metamorphosises into a butterfly, saves the day, and finds a true love who was given about three lines.

Critical ReceptionEdit

Either this movie was well liked, or the viewers needed some way to escape from it. Like most of the things shown during The Secret Of Animated .Gif Night, a few edits and .gifs were made from screencaps of it. Along with the main character's psuedonom, Huar, becoming an exclamation of anger and disapproval.