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A fucking rapping dog.

Oh god dammit.

To clarify, Titanic: The Legend Goes On, is THAT animated Titanic movie, the one which did NOT get a sequel, which given how batshit insane and horrifying THAT OTHER animated Titanic movie is, is saying something. What that something is OH GODS.

Titanic: The Legend Goes On is an animated schlock fest that was directed by Camillo Teti, who also produced Killer Crocodile and Killer Crocodile II, along with The Ark. Titanic: The Legend Goes On was created in 2000, and did not even attempt to do justice to the tragedy of the Titanic's sinking, instead preferring to pull the classic kid's movie stunt of "NO, DEATH ISN'T REAL LITTLE TIMMY! YOUR TURTLE IS OKAY IN TURTLE NIRVANA!" because somewhere in the last twenty years folks decided that the sadistic little bastards who burn ants alive with magnifying glasses and other horrifying in hindsight activities can not handle death in fictional entertainment. The movie is unbearable, has annoying characters, bored voice actors and is unrepentantly a Trial Of Endurance. If you can sit through the whole movie, we tattoo you with a giant spade mark on your back with a salt covered branding iron, and you will thank us for it because it's still more enjoyable then the movie was.

Titanic: The Legend Goes on also had a scene in it wherein, and I'm not kidding here, an anthropomorphic dog comes slam the hell out of nowhere and begins to rap about how it's party time. The animation quality, which was already noticably bad, decreases drastically during this hellish nightmare.


Titanic The Animated Movie - It's PARTY TIME

The rapping dog scene in question. Fuck this movie.

Now tell me if I'm being un-fucking-fair to this gigantic pile of shit.

There are actually two versions of the film. One is the shorter version with choppier editing and has the dog rapping "PARTY TIME!" The other is longer and less choppy, with the dog doing a different rap, but still just as terrible.