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Turtle jesus is a in-joke spawned unexpectedly during Gamera 3: Evil God Iris' Awakening.

During the final scenes of the movie, Gamera, the enormous reptillian protagonist, finds himself impaled through the palms of his 'hands' , pinned to a wall by them, and stabbed in the side. As we all wish we didn't know, these are the same wounds that Jesus suffered on the cross.

Moments later, Gamera forgives the girl responsible for nearly destroying him by roaring her back to life. (this may be explained by the fact that he is friend to all children)

Quickly, the viewers realised that there was only one logical reason for this. Gamera was Turtle Jesus.

Some viewers think that this was just the director throwing in some religious symbolism to show that Gamera was the good guy, but even a fool knows that this is not the case. He was clearly implying that Gamera is God's son. Gamera's relationship with Satan is currently unknown.

Since his first appearance, Gamera has been noticed in numerous other places including fictional antvirus programs.. It is possible that his influence and followers are spreading.

turt jesus 4 the win

Love Turtle Jesus, and love him more. All hail Turtle Jesus.