We ♠ Bad Movies Wiki

Just relaxing isn't going to help, this time . . .

Welcome to the We ♠ Bad Movies Wiki[]

We ♠ Bad Movies is a movie riffing show maintained by genericAnomaly and Lieutenant Fish. At least one show takes place every week, with movie selection and showtimes influenced by the MSPA forum. This wiki serves as an archive of all our hilarious in-jokes and great opinions about movies.

If you're looking to help out or just just browse, check out the Movies by Show page for a complete list of movies so far; most of them are redlinks right now, but you can help fix that.

If you don't know about this thread, you're basically missing out on the whole thing.

What can you do to help?[]

If you watch the show regularly, jump in and help us keep track of all the weird stuff that goes down every week. Filling up a wiki takes a while, so feel free to get a page started and leave a {{stub}} template on it. Or, if you'd rather tidy up a page someone else already started that way, check the Article stubs category for a list of every article with a stub tag.

A good rule of thumb: Don't be afraid to create a stub, but do be afraid to create a stu.

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